Why Choose Golden Bay Kayaks

  • We are the closest Sea Kayak company to the Abel Tasman National Park.

  • We are a small family owned sea kayaking company that really is local.

  • We are an environmentally sustainable business that has a strong commitment to caring for our surroundings.

  • We feel it is important to for families to be able to share the experience on the water so encourage all ages to come kayaking.

  • To escape the congestion: Golden Bay is the gateway to the Northern end of the Abel Tasman National Park. There is just nobody around!  No people, no water taxis, no other sea kayaking companies...

  • To paddle the entire length of the Abel Tasman National Park coastline - No other company gives you this opportunity.



Comprehensive safety briefing

• All Golden Bay Kayak Freedom rental packages in the Abel Tasman National Park will be provided with mandatory safety equipment.
• Your safety is paramount. Whether you are on a guided tour, a double kayak for half a day, or embarking on a full Abel Tasman traverse, everyone receives a safety briefing.
• Because all our clients receive a safety briefing we ask you are on time (you don't want to miss valuable paddle-time). Please check the details on each tour for your safety briefing time.
• ALL Freedom rental customers are fully responsible for their own safety, and our equipment once hired
Full Length of Abel Tasman Safety Briefing: We ask you to come for your briefing the DAY BEFORE your day of departure at 3pm. Allow 2 hours for your safety briefing.
• Each group must have at least one person who has had previous experience with the sea and the outdoors preferably over an extended period of time.
• We do not rent to solo paddlers for safety reasons.
• Most customers will paddle in our large, comfortable, stable, double kayaks as single kayaks will only be rented to very experienced paddlers in groups of odd numbers.

What we provide and What you need to bring

We provide:

  • Buoyancy vest (life jacket), spray deck, paddle, spare paddle, pump, waterproof map, information sheet and tide tables, flares, sponges, rope sling.

  • Off street parking for your vehicle while you are away.

What you need to bring:

Although storage compartments in the sea kayak are generally watertight, it is recommended that as an extra precaution you wrap water sensitive items in watertight bags (eg. plastic). The following items are recommended to be carried:

  • Clothing and Personal Gear: Lots of warm clothing and dry changes of clothes (especially good are polyprops or merino), warm jerseys, hats, gloves, long johns, waterproof jacket, shorts, bathing costume, sunglasses, sun-hat, towel, insect repellent, medication for allergies or any medical condition, first aid kit, toiletries and toilet paper, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, torch, shoes. Medium size backpacks fit inside the double kayaks.

  • Camping Gear: Tent, cooking gear, cutlery, pots and pans, cups and plates, matches, washing up gear, tent fly, candles, rope for clothes line. We have a limited quantity of camping gear for hire as well as wetsuits and snorkel gear.

  • Food and Water: Plenty of food, (allow for an extra day on multi-day tours just in case). Water bottles (we have some available) and some method of treating the water for giardia (eg. by chemicals, filters or boiling). Luxury items like chocolate and wine!



Booking Campsites

Visit https://booking.doc.govt.nz  to book your campsites.

Booking a trip with us is easy. Simply click on the Book Now button on whichever Tour or Hire you are interested in and you go straight to our booking page. If you have questions, feel free to email us any time.

Thinking about kayaking while staying at Totaranui Campground?


Unfortunately we can’t do guided tours from Totaranui.  But, you can kayak with us on your way to Totaranui… we are only 16km (around 35 minutes drive) away from the campground.

Sit on tops are available for multi day rental, pick up from Tata Beach on your way to the campground.

Double Sea Kayaks are available for use. Due to the size and weight of the boats we will drop off and pick up with the kayak trailer. Drop off and pick up fee applies - please enquire.

Our kayaks

GBK Blue Kayak on beach Opti.jpg

We have two Kayak designs in our fleet. The "Dobbe Double" and Murderers Bay Composites. Both are a closed-in style kayak, incredibly stable and glide along. We use this type of kayak for freedom rental and guided tours. It has three hatches with large storage capacity some with neoprene hatch covers that keep them waterproof. It is a challenge for our freedom rentals to fill the hatch!

And yes, all our boats have silly names such as Tiki, Jellyfish, Spongebob, Fishwobble and Nemo.

Sit-on-Top Kayaks

Easy to paddle and easy to turn, easy to handle. Some people prefer to have an open feeling rather than be enclosed like in the sea kayaks above. These kayaks are very stable they are also suitable for children or child-adult combinations. We have doubles and singles. These are available for half day hire or multi-day hire.