Abel Tasman National Park


Animals, sea life and environments you may see on your trip


You might well encounter seals and their pups sunbathing on the rocks near Tata Island. Don't try and touch them please, they are in their native habitat and you're in their territory - not the other way around. So, look and enjoy!


You'll see silent shadows pass under your kayak - don't be alarmed, the bays are full of rays and they're not interested in humans. They do have a barb with a sting on the end of their tail, though.


Kayak through the natural archways formed over centuries by the action of the sea. The rocks of Abel Tasman are sculpted by the weather and, with their topping of trees and foliage, form favourite nesting sites for birds.

reef heron.png

Reef herons pick their way among the rocks in the shallows looking for small fish and shellfish - often in pairs. You're more likely to see them at low tide or a falling tide.


Colonies of shags inhabit the weird and wonderful rock formations of the many islands and rocky coast of Abel Tasman. Don't get too close - they have a very precise aim but hey! it's supposed to be good luck!

beach in abel tasman.png

Abel Tasman National Park is world famous for its beaches. Golden sands  lead down to the clear jade-blue waters - you may well be the only people on the beach. And in a kayak you can pull in at any bay you fancy.